Hollywood Reporter: 60 Things We Learned From Clive Davis' Book

2/22/2013 by Chris Willman

The mogul’s epically detailed memoir may be a tough slog for not terminally music-biz-obsessed readers. But we culled through the 600-page tome for the tastiest tidbits about Dylan, Janis, Kelly, Whitney, Santana, Manilow, and Maroon 5

Clive Davis’ epic memoir, The Soundtrack of My Life, won’t be an easy read for every music fan. Puffy aficionados may not care to read about Johnny Winter’s contract negotiations, and the folks who pick it up to learn more about Janis Joplin probably won’t care much about why Davis fell out with Kenny G or Dallas Austin. But lodged within its decades-spanning stats and minutiae are plenty of intriguing tidbits. From the book’s nearly 600 pages, here are the 60 most fun factoids and anecdotes:

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