Deadline Hollywood: Tribeca Opener ‘Clive Davis: The Soundtrack Of Our Lives’ Goes To Apple Music

By Liz Calvario

The 16th annual Tribeca Film Festival’s opening-night film, Clive Davis: The Soundtrack Of Our Lives, is headed exclusively to Apple Music. The news was announced on the eve of its premiere tonight at Radio City Music Hall.

The Chris Perkel-directed documentary from IM Global and Scott Free Productions is based on Davis’ 2013 bestselling autobiography that chronicles the influence of “The Man with the Golden Ears,” who rose from humble beginnings to became one of the music industry’s most iconic figures. With a career spanning more than five decades, Davis’ life provided an incredible tour of the most sensational music of the cultural revolution, from the ’60s to the rise of hip-hop. The music mogul has signed, influenced and driven the careers of many of the most important music artists of the 20th and 21st centuries including Bruce Springsteen, Whitney Houston, Santana, Aretha Franklin, Barry Manilow, Patti Smith, Alicia Keys, Sean “Puffy” Combs, and many more.

“Apple is a global innovator that has revolutionized the distribution of music,” said Davis. “It is a touching honor to share the music and unique stories that have shaped my career with millions of Apple Music subscribers around the world. I am overjoyed to work with them to continue this incredible journey!”


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